Design Sessions

201 : Computer Aided Design

Considering the many ways that CAD is used in apparel design and production.


  • Christi Egeland
  • Christopher Tielens
    Gerber Technology is a leading provider of automation solutions for the world’s apparel, fashion and soft goods industries. Focused on innovation in the concept-to-consumer lifecycle, Gerber manages a portfolio of best-in-class software and information technology (IT) solutions, including YuniquePLM product lifecycle management, AccuMark pattern design and marker making as well as webPDM product data management. Through these and other industry-proven solutions, Gerber Technology enables nearly 25,000 organizations in 129 countries to enhance creativity, increase productivity, improve supply chain visibility, and maximize profitability.

202 : Couture and Custom Design

Explore the world of custom couture design.


  • Suzanne Perron
    Suzanne Perron is a New Orleans couture designer. She is a graduate of LSU and NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. At FIT, she won the Bill Blass Commencement Award and was discovered by Carolina Herrera. During her thirteen year Seventh Avenue career she worked directly with Carolina Herrera, Anna Sui, Ralph Rucci, and Vera Wang. She is responsible for hundreds of garments that have graced runways, red carpets, and magazine covers. She has her own design business where she designs exquisite gowns for brides, debutantes, and Mardi Gras Royalty – as chronicled in her recently published book, Designing in Ivory and White.

203 : Creative Fashion Design


  • Elizabeth Anyaa
    Textile Artist Elizabeth Anyaa creates timeless, ethereal yet organic and futuristic ‘wearable art’ treasures for individuals, public areas, the home and the work space. Anyaa’s techniques include hand weaving, fabric manipulation, and silk painting. Each piece involves artistry and skills that have been cultured and developed over several years, and is unique in its formation, drape and coloration. She enjoys “pushing, breaking and exploring the traditional and contemporary boundaries of practicing textile art.”

204 : Production Management and Global Sourcing

Focus on the production and purchase of off-shore products.


  • Judith Reding
    The Finley Shirt Company
    Judith’s career, which spans over 3 decades, started as a Designer and Merchandiser and developed in later years as a Global Sourcing Director and Production Manager. Her background as a designer has enabled her to intimately partner with the Design teams to resolve their creative sourcing needs early on in the process. She has sourced raw materials and manufacturing around the world according to the Design and Branding purposes and also according to Global trends. She has been involved with Brands that have successfully sold in stores, including Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Wal-Mart and Tootsies. She continues to be passionate about the apparel industry and loves sharing insights on the topic of Design Support and Production.

205 : Technical Fashion Design

Find out about the skills and knowledge needed to oversee technical design.


  • Cynthia Hawes
    Sr. Techncial Designer, JCPenney
    Cynthia is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University with a BS in Clothing and Costume Design. Since studying fashion design as an undergraduate, Cynthia has thought of herself as a functionalist – she wants things to work in a manner that augments the intended action. This ideology led her to her current profession as a technical designer. She has worked in the apparel industry for the past 18 years, and is currently employed as a member of the men’s technical design team at JCPenney where she is responsible for private brand outerwear, swimwear and activewear.
  • Cindy Fidler
    Sr. Techncial Designer, JCPenney
    Cindy graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of North Texas. Employed primarily as a patternmaker, she has been working in the apparel industry for over 25 years. Garments made from her patterns have sold across the United States in boutiques, on television, and at major retailers; jeans made from her block patterns sold over 500,000 units in just one season! Her attention to silhouette, fit, and balance is evident in the finished garment. She is always curious about new ways to blend design, technique and embellishment so she continues to seek out knowledge from any source, investigating both expensive and inexpensive clothes, and researching the creation process of the garment at hand.

206 : The Business of Fashion Design

Know what it really takes to run a fashion design business every day.